A misty figure with a spontaneous attitude and lust for elemental energies.


Elemental Apsaras

Court: Celestial – Gas, Terrestrial – Eternal Winter

Intelligence: 4, Strength: 2, Presence: 3
Wits: 2, Dexterity: 2, Manipulation: 3
Resolve: 2, Stamina: 2, Composure: 1

Academics: 2, Computer: 3, Engineering: 1, Investigation: 1, Occult: 2, Science: 2
Athletics: 1, Brawl: 1, Pilot: 3, Larceny: 1, Survival: 1
Expression: 1, Persuasion: 1, Socialize: 1, Subterfuge: 1

Health: 7
Willpower: 3
Wyrd: 1
Glamour: 10
Clarity: 7

Communion (Air): 1
Elements (Air): 1
Communion (Water): 1
Elements (Water): 1
Communion (Earth): 1
Elements (Earth): 1
Space: 3

Spaceship: 3
Harvest (Emotions): 1
Mantle (Gas/Winter): 2
Resources: 1
Language (Trade): 1
Language (Jo Lauma): 2

Combat Stats:
Size: 5
Speed: 9
Defense: 2
Armor: 0/0
Initiative Mod: +3


  • StarBarque Motley Pledge


  • True Name, Unsullied:
  • The Keeper’s Name:
  • Higher Power:


  • Mortal Emblem:
  • Courtly Emblem:
  • Nemesis Pledge:

Genesis spent his time in Arcadia primping and pampering his keeper mostly as a Hindu/Buddhist air elemental. He puffed heady scents onto soft skin in a perfume bottle, wafted luxurious incenses around bed chambers and even served as an air conditioner of sorts to cool the bodies of heated lovers. Strangely enough, these weren’t his sole positions while kept in Fae slavery, but definitely the most practiced. Being an exotic addition to the normal Changeling line-up, he seems to be more infatuated with trying to “fit in” with his peers than a normal socially awkward elemental. Truly, his time hanging around his seductress of a Keeper has left him pining for more action in the spirit of the Indian Kama Sutra. He doesn’t even need to be involved as long as his subtle hinting to a pair of rogue lovers leads him to getting a few stray strands of glamour.

With his motley in tow, Genesis pilots Starbarque, a massive hedge-made starship. That’s a bit of an understatement since it’s actually made of the brambles. How in the Hedge that happened, Genesis isn’t sure, but all he knows is he gets to drive the most impressive piece of “machinery” this side of the supernova. When he’s not busy plotting charts or averting a pruning crisis, he plays and dabbles with elemental energies hoping to amass a repertoire of skills for whatever it is that lies in space. Until then, he’s content getting creatures or goods where they need to go and get them there in a saleable condition. And if anyone’s got a problem with how he handles a boat, he’s got one thing to say…

“You know what they call a ship with a bad navigator? A derelict.”

Locations of Interest:
The Blue Lady (Locale under construction)
Traveling throughout the universe has led Genesis to believe that there is only one slice of heaven in existence; The Blue Lady. Carnal pleasures abound and the only limit to satisfying your fetishes is the size of your wallet. Someone out there is always welcome to cater to your every need so long as you have the right means of payment. In the past, this was his old stomping ground while doing the space circuit (it does get lonely out there) and since his time in Arcadia, this sin bin is his bread and butter in harvesting glamour. It’s clean, it’s legit and it brings back memories of “home”. He even carries around some of their business cards to pass out to wandering travelers looking to escape the lonesome emptiness of space.

Uncle Artemis Donrei (Starbase Rahat)
Everything about Uncle Artemis (Arty) is secondhand, including his gender. Yes, from the tale he tells, he opted to the gender conversion that the Brotherhood provides as an option to family loss. He never speaks of who was lost, only that he doesn’t regret his decision in the name of the Prophet. He’s been a veteran of numerous planetary disputes (operating various pieces of Brotherhood technology) and sees his fair share of classified information, but he’s low enough on the totem pole to be overlooked except for the most dire of circumstances. Despite being a little bit of space case, he his good for some Brotherhood rumors and spare parts for ships that he weasels out of their hands. This is in part because of an irrational fear to Genesis being a “nature spirit” who may or may not decide to curse him one day. Of course Genesis knows he wouldn’t dare do that to a leaky faucet in the Brotherhood kitchen, but what the two of them both agree on is that the underlying war that could erupt between Jo Lauma and the Brotherhood will either make or break their already stressed relationship of student and master.


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