Stellar Brambles

Starbarque Log

:Announcement — Crew Appreciation Week. Dinner held @ 2000. Mandatory.
:Genesis: Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

Incoming Transmission:
How should not I mourn, like night, without His day and the favour of His day-illuming countenance?
His unsweetness is sweet to my soul: may my soul be sacrificed to the Beloved who grieves in my heart!
I am in love with grief and pain for the sake of pleasing my peerless King.
Tears shed for His sake are pearls, though people think they are tears.
I complain of the Soul of my soul, but in truth I am not complaining: I am only telling.
My heart says it is tormented by Him, and I have long been laughing at its poor pretence.
Do me right, O Glory of the righteous, O thou Who are the dais, and I the treshold of Thy door!
Where are threshold and dais in reality? Where the Beloved is, where are “we” and “I”?
O Thou Whose soul is free from “we” and “I”, O Thou Who art the essence of the spirit in men and women,
When men and women become one, Thou art that One; when the units are wiped out, lo, Thou art that Unity.
Thou didst contrive this “I” and “we” in order to play the game of worship with Thyself,
That all “I’s” and “thou’s” might become one soul and at last be submerged in the Beloved.
::insert Coordinates of Beacon::
:Transmission open. Text only.
:SB: Greetings, this is the StarBarque. What is the nature of your emergency?
:LiA: Greetings StarBarque. We seem to have miscalculated our fuel supply. We are out of fuel, and close to running out of food.
:Currently transmitting in Trade.
:Please declare language before transmitting message.
:SB: Your language preferences please; we may be able to translate ideas better.
:LiA: Any of the Brotherhood dialects will suffice, also Trade is acceptable.
:(Brotherhood)SB: What is the nature of your cargo?
:(Brotherhood)LiA: We are not a cargo vessel.
:(Brotherhood)SB: What is the nature of thine purpose?
:(Brotherhood)LiA: We are pilgrims of the Sacred Way.
:(Brotherhood)SB: What is the time period you are capable of sustaining yourselves on your current supply of sustenance?
:(Brotherhood)LiA: Three days, maybe less.
:(Brotherhood)SB: If we jettison a cargo crate with food, would you recieve?
Calculating trajectory and velocity requirements.
::display schematic::
:(Brotherhood)LiA: We could… Those are very specific mathematics… I’m not entirely certain its worth you losing that food if we can’t get to it.
:(Brotherhood)SB: We are capable of replenishment. We will attempt a weeks worth of rations. How many pilgrims do you carry?
:(Brotherhood)LiA: 6+1. Total.
Recalculating trajectories based on mass, velocity……………..
Operation impossible.
:Recalculating for half-ration, 6. Unsure of mathematical summation………..
::display schematic::
:Original mathematics done with default presets of 2 individuals at full rations for one week.
:……Less than .002%
:(Brotherhood)LiA: “His unsweetness is sweet to my soul: may my soul be sacrificed to the Beloved who grieves in my heart!” If you cannot aid, may the True God guide your path.
:(Brotherhood)SB: We will send as to the original calculations of our capabilites.
:They are outside of sensory range.
::Transmitting shuttle route and “plans”::
:LiA: Are you certain…?
:(Brotherhood)SB: Are there any pathogens aboard your vessel that we need to be aware of?
:(Brotherhood)LiA: No.
:(Brotherhood)SB: You will be held in cargo bay for decontamination.
:LiA: Please, we do not wish to trouble you. There will be other vessels, we will pray in the meantime.
:SB: We are proceeding as planned.
:Entry Logged.
:Emergency Beacon recieved from the Brotherhood Starship, “Love in Absence”.
::2 Days Later::
Scanning Shuttle for foreign pathogens……..
No foreign pathogens.
Scanning for Biometrics.
1 Biometric Pattern detected.
::insert current mass reading.::
:Visual communication refused.
:Dr. Fushumi.
:Cameras occupied with programming matricies.
:No. Several life support subroutines are contributing to the memory requirements of the journey.
::displays X-Ray scan, privately to Fushumi’s terminal::
:Dr. Mahagony to Dr. Fushimi: Noted. All of them, or only the men that are hooded?
:Dr. Fushumi to Dr. Mahagony: Only the men who are hooded. Also wearing uncustomary usage of hood. They should be down.
:Dr. Mahagony to Dr. Fushimi: Recomended containment?
:Dr. Fushimi to Dr. Mahagony: All data suggests yes.
:10 credits on the crew. /cheer.
:Brotherhood Law; All vampires are to be destroyed.
:Cargo Bay cameras are locked. Access denied.
::Continual monitering of decontamination room started, audio visual.::
::6 non-living individuals. Air removed.::

The Brink of War
273 DY -- Current Day

The universe today… The richest corners of the galaxy, those best off, face the hardships of unequal distribution. Prices skyrocket as wages drop, impoverishing entire sectors at a time, forcing much of the common folk into slave labor or criminality. The armies of the most powerful Dominions are stretched thin, harried by constant uprisings on outlying worlds, or fighting ideological wars in places far from home. Even the relatively stable dictatorial galaxies face rebellion as people seek more and more access to equal rights, rebelling against religion and culture in an attempt to grab a slice of what seems to be the dwindling resources of the galaxy. Of all of these Dominions, the Brotherhood is the most stable. Its only competition for power is the populist might of the Lauma, and the two seem to have fallen into a stalemate, as one trades vast mineral resources needed for any form of production in exchange for foodstuffs. Despite their relative peace however, it is only a matter of time before war reaches them, and even now the tensions are running high and the scales are tipping…


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