This is the story they tell…

Long ago, across several generations, a catastrophe destroyed our seed-planet. Many say it was the inescapable wrath of a God we had betrayed, but the truth has been lost to the grains of the hourglass. What we do know… is that we did escape.

Our histories diverge from there. Several generational colony ships were launched, by which we would be able to travel the long expanses of the void, always searching for planets that would support us. Unfortunately, long periods of time in confined spaces do not lead to the maintaining of secrets. Things began to happen on the ships. People would go missing, hear the cries of a wolf pinning for a home no longer there, or witness miracles. They would run into strangers with messages from people long dead and woken only by the carrying of heirlooms. As more and more things began to happen, or perhaps because of the radiation of space, the deceptions that had clouded humanity’s eyes, that had protected them from seeing the monsters, began to fade.

It was gradual at first, but that didn’t stop it from being violent. The Colony Wars began in those days when the monsters first became known to the humans. Entire colony ships became battlefields as Humans fought against the darkness amongst them. Several were lost entirely, obliterated by the acts of a lone lunatic, crashed by vote into the nearest star. Others became havens of the monsters as humanity was alternately subjugated or enlightened. But still they trudged on through the void.

As the ships found worlds, sometimes galaxies apart, sometimes as close as neighboring star-systems, humanity began to re-establish itself, now a little smarter for its tribulations. Science progressed alongside culture, and though things were tough for the early settlers, it was terrifying for us. Given the loss of our Masks, and our appearances besides, we feared the outbreak of another war, but more importantly…
We feared the Others.

We don’t know how they followed us, or how they found us, we still don’t know how people escape now. But we took notice when people went missing on the colony ships, on the colonies afterward too. We clung to the systems that had served us through the years, because we had nothing else, but though our pacts ran strong, the void was unyielding. We lost as much, if not more than humanity during the transition to the stars. But we kept going.

And you… you, young one, are an heir to that history.

Bennet Blitum, Head Librarian of the Library of Lacustrine, Ghost-Wind Galaxy. Wizend, Author.

Stellar Brambles

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